Ramos, Luquillo

This company is FRAUD do not give them your creditcard number they are based in Mexico they will make you sign papers to authorize the charges to your card DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING

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As a person with Mexican decent I find this comment very racist, just because a company is based in mexico does not mean it is fraud. I have worked for many companies where tech support or customer service was based in mexico, a lot of american companies have their call centers in mexico because they can pay the workers less, as the base salary by law is lower in mexico than in the US. People really need to stop thinking that just because it's a Mexican on the phone it's fraud.


This company is a complete FRAUD!! They *** you into spending thousands, they don't return phone calls and never give you the time of day afterwards.

On top of that you MUST "book" your flights with this company in order to go on your vacation. I wouldn't pay more money towards this company. This is HORRIBLE!! I am so mad.

THey are based out of Mexico and I was not able to get my money back after disputing it with my credit card!


i work for this company and we are honest hard working people just trying to give people good deals on vacations. and we do sell lots of vacations.

there are lots of call centers that are ripping people off, but we are legitimate and what we are offering is not a scam. coast to coast getaways is a scam Coasttocoastvacations.net is our company and you have your money back guaranteed

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