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At one point in my career, I am sorry to say, that I had to be a telemarketer for these guys. The head honcho of our establishment, a man by the name of Tom, put up all of these booths in malls across Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee.

The booths were tickets that said, "Enter to win 25K or a truck signed by Mark Martin." Well of course they had to put how much income they made. Well, as the callers, we were given these slips and called them, over and over again. If they made over 30K a year they would be called as a "finalist" in the contest. All they had to do was show up at our resort (which was a rundown, horrible place that was not even close to what the website pictures showed it looking like) and listen to a short seminar.

This of course was where they tried to sell the clients the coast to coast. We mailed out THOUSANDS of fake golden keys that supposedly went to a key box. If it unlocked the box, they won't the truck. The kicker?

There was no truck. Mark Martin did not sign a truck, and none was ever purchased. The keys were mass ordered and did not fit the lockbox, and there was not a key that did. As "finalists" these guys would show up and get "2 out of 5" fabulous prizes.

The prizes were a watch set supposedly valued at 500 dollars. Looked them up, and on ebay they were selling for less than 7 dollars a pair. They would also either get $500 cash, (no one won this, it was a fake prize) a free land vacation (which of course was just a voucher we printed out that had no value and they had to pay almost $1000 dollars in "taxes,") a "free" cruise (about $1000 in "taxes") or a $500 "gift" card that was only useable on one website that did not sell anything worth buying. Everything on said website cost over $300 or so, and had "shipping" fees of anywhere between 3-400 dollars.

Every customer I ever saw got a land vacation, the watches, and sometimes one of the gift cards. The watches were hideous, fake, and gaudy and I never saw a happy customer. They did get to stay at the resort for free, but the golf course was overgrown and cost to play on, the pool was closed, the restaurant was very expensive, and the spas were also closed. There was gym equipment that had probably been there for 25 years and was run down.

The bar, known as "the Loft," served about 3 different types of beer and a few hard drinks. It had a TV and a pool table. I ended up getting fired because I asked too many questions about what we were doing, and quite frankly, I knew too much. I figured out that the sales pitch they were having to listen to was the only reason they were even brought, and that no one was winning a prize worth traveling 5 minutes to, much less up to 6 hours for.

When I was fired, it was because I had "angered a customer." The funny thing? I met the customer. She was not angry with me at all. She said I had been nothing but nice, and that she was angry with the fact that they stuck her in a room and tried to sell her something she didn't need when she had been promised prizes.

Tom was not paying the resort owner any percentage of the membership, which was part of the agreement for Coast to Coast to operate there, and as such they gave him the boot. In the dead of the night, he came into the office, stole ALL of the paperwork over Coast to Coast (which was not his to take) and skipped town. He quite literally sucked the money out of that place, sucked the money out of customers, and allowed horrible people to work for him. One of my direct supervisors, under Tom, regularly got drunk at the bar upstairs.

I quite literally had to carry her into a chair and set her down one day because she had passed out in our parking lot. Many of the sales people who did the presentations would come to work drunk and try to lead people on tours of our facilities stumbling all about. Yes, police became involved with one of those incidences. The same direct supervisor was also under Tom's desk one day, eating chicken off of the floor.

I have NEVER seen anything like what it was like working there.

If these are the sort of representatives Coast to Coast has, I can't imagine what the larger parts of the company must entail. I was appalled.

I am so sorry to anyone who has bought from this company. It is a train wreck.

Reason of review: Bad work environment.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada #995773

I kept getting lots of calls from people with my area code (they spoof the phone system into displaying a fake "from"number) and finally I pressed "1" to find out who the people were.


Apparently I won a holiday or something, kept him on the phone while he gave me some *** sales pitch which sounded like him reading off a page. I've reported them to the CRTC and I hope they get fined.


I just got a call from coasttocoastvacations.net about a family vacation to Mexico for 4 people for $1100 or something like that, with a free 8 day cruise for 2 afterward. Sounded great - they even sent me to check out their website.

When I asked about some guarantee that I was going to get what I was paying for, they tried to explain how the transaction was secure and my credit card company would accept something they called a voice receipt, a recording of my authorization. When I laughed and said I don't even see an address for your 29 year old company on your website, they didn't believe me and I told them to go check the Contact page of their website. Such idiots. I asked what the catch was, if there was a timeshare presentation I had to sit for, and they said they just wanted my recommendation in return.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. They eventual hung up on me when I started reading reviews from the internet about this scam.


Thank you so much for posting this!! I just got a phone call on my cell from them offering me a 5 night vacation in Mexico and a 7 night vacation on any cruise co for two people for only $1199 USD.

The thing is you had to go to the Mexico vacation first, then they would give you a voucher for the free cruise.

Ya, right. Because of comments like yours which I was able to google while I was on the phone with them, I quickly told them to take a hike.

El Dorado, Arkansas, United States #871295

My wife and I live in South Arkansas and went over to Ashdown about 20 miles north of Texarkana AR/TX to the Ashdown Country Club for a presentation. The one reason we decided to join was the sites that had "cabins" to stay in.

The ONE and ONLY time we tried to stay, my wife called several times over two days and NEVER got a person.

It was always an answering machine and NO ONE returned our call. I am interested in knowing if there is a Quitclaim to this contract.

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