Lincoln City, Oregon

I am answering the calls from coast to coast vacations because I intend to file a lawsuit against them for not removing me from their call list as I do each time they call me. If you are experiencing the same calls from this company please speak up about it. It is illegal for them to keep calling you after you have requested to have your number removed from the sales calls.

This is obviously a call center out of India and it is using local numbers as bots to contact you. The response is always the same. I politly listen and then tell them I want to find out more information. I was told to go to After then saying I am collecting the information to have my name removed from the list the person hangs up. No verbal response at all.

If anyone else is interested let me know and I will see about filing a class action lawsuit instead. Don

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Mcintosh County, Oklahoma, United States #1355059

Yes - I too have had experience and harassment with this company and was thinking of having a class action against them, but didn't know how to go about it, so I would be glad to join you even if I don't get anything - just to put them out of business. They have been harassing me for 5 yrs. Enough is enough!!


How are you sure they are in India?



I have gotten 50 calls from this company. They go my multiple names.

Please email me!

I have been doing my research and intend on filing a lawsuit as well.

to Anonymous #1101719

I'm getting furious with these calls, Over 100, they all come in on my exchange. I block these one a time, and since I have an iPhone - the only way I can block wild card numbers is iBlacklist - which means jailbreaking my phone.


Hi. I'm interested... This *** *** me off way too much.


actually i work for the company, if you are on the national do not call list in the united states...guess what? that only applies to calls being made from the US.

sooo our customer service offices are located on one of our resorts in cancun mexico. just some information you should be aware of before you threaten to suit.


what is their mailing address?



They called me and the number came up on my phone as a local cell phone number from my area. I called that number back from my business line while I was still on the phone with coast to coast vacations, and some guy from there next town over answered.

I explained that his number had popped up on my phone and he was shocked. I got the company phone number for him to call and get his number off their lists because it was being displayed to random people like me. The number that the agent gave me was 1-800- 891-5251, but when I call it all I get is a busy signal. Scammers!

Definitely scammers! What kind of company calls you with a bogus number and asks you for $999 over the phone?!

They won't stop calling me! I'm in if you want to file a class action!


They are rip off pros!! They got us a couple of years ago and I just got a call from them again!!

The first time our credit card company gave the money back to us then they took it back again.

They said the company complained. I would be happy to be part of your class action lawsuit.

I'm quite sure it is people that don't have a great deal of money to lose that they are targeting so this needs to stop.

Good luck to us. Little people fighting a big machine.

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